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03-12-2010, 10:01
Alright, so I'm fairly new to the AR world.
I've been researching a lot lately for a pretty long time and just can't decide. I'm looking for a stock, bare bones AR to start learning the fundamentals on. I want to possibly start building my own in the future, farther down the line. But I'm just looking for something to shoot for now that I may build onto later. I want a 20 inch barrel, flip up iron sights, rails, and a decent mount. I don't want to pay much for it since it will be my first and I plan to buy another somewhere down the road. I'd be willing to spend 800$ or so on this AR but like I said, down the road I will be willing to buy or build more costly ARs.

Sorry for this sloppy post, I've been up all night doing research.:faint:

In Ericks description of you he mentions archery...
I would also like to talk to you about that later on in PM's if you'd be willing.

Thanks again.

03-12-2010, 20:21
When they asked if I would help here I had to make the decision not to talk about specific brands in this area but, I'll try to help. Some companies are DOD contractors who make weapons for mil use and sell to the public , some also have sister companies that sell to the general public. IMO these companies usually produce better products than those who build primarily for civilian use with the possible exception of those private companies who build high end rifles for specific uses.
The $ range you are talking about is lower than most if not all of the MSRPs, If you were to spend an extra $100 over the lowest costing AR on the market you could get you a decent rifle that you may not need to upgrade or not upgrade much any way, where with the lowest costing rifle you may have to toss every single part or just sell it and start all over.
Most guys shoot 55gr surplus or WWB(Winchester white box) from Wally World so a 9 twist will be fine for most shooting, if you plan to shoot 75-77-80gr projectiles or tracers then you may want to look at a 7 twist. A chrome-lined barrel will last longer but, I just read where a guy shot 50000 rounds or so through a stainless barrel before it failed so IMO a non chrome-lined barrel would not be a deal stopper for your first rifle. There are a few companies in Ill. you should check out. So much for no brands LOL. I am usually in the shop running machines and it may take a while for me to answer but, you can PM me anytime.

03-13-2010, 04:54
lol, thanks and sorry for asking a question that was bending the agreement.
I'll PM you, thanks again!