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03-12-2010, 15:22

skip a stone
03-12-2010, 20:49
Just traded a G26 for a 33. The 33 came with a pair of mags with #2 followers that were labelled "357." I also ordered two spare mags from Glockparts whose followers are labelled "357/10" and are #1's. One of the mags was clearly disassembled before I received it as evidenced by the scratches on the nub of the base insert. This makes me wonder if these mags were "slapped together" to make a sale. The "/10" makes me think they are leftovers from the G31/32 Klinton mags. Does anyone know anything about these "357/10" followers? Should I bother spending $ testing them (i.e. should I replace the followers first since I ALWAYS test new mags), or can I trust them as legit before testing? Thanks folks.


The best way to find out if they're dependable is shoot with them. I've converted my G35 over to 357 Sig and I own a G33 as my daily CCW. I have noticed that I can get one extra round in all my .40 Glock mags, so maybe if you want to change followers go with the .40's. It would be less of a pain my friend if you got a Glock mag disassembly too or else you may be cussing at all the damage you end up doing or at launching the spring and follower across the room and into a very hard to reach area (personal experience heh)

03-13-2010, 02:58