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03-14-2010, 08:48
I recently purchased a LNIB G20 with a 5.5# connector. Although the trigger pull wasn't bad, I decided to put in a LWD 3.5# that I had on hand (since I want to make this my hunting G20). Anyways, after doing it, I encountered a strange issue.

What happened is that when I pulled the trigger, I would feel it stage and then sloppily (but lightly) pull back - and right at the end of the trigger pull (I mean literally at the end, as in where the trigger only had a hair of movement to go), it would let go. In dozens of dry fires, it performed exactly the same way (and got to where I could amazingly enough anticipate the release). I mean, the pull was light but less-than-smooth and required 99.999% of the trigger rearward movement to finally release - and when you released it to reset, it was still light and sloppy, but the final trip was the exact same. Again, I got to where I could anticipate the shot - but not quite sold on it, I replaced it with the 5.5# and everything went back to normal.

The connector fitted fine in my GEN2 G23C and was only pulled out to replace it with a Glock 3.5# (for GSSF shoots). Any ideas as to why the above happened? Do you think this is just a Tolerance Stacking issue or ??

BTW, I did NOT perform a $0.25 trigger job on it and I don't believe the former owner did either.

03-14-2010, 09:17
Sounds as if the connector is out of spec. I seem to have the best luck with Glock "-" connectors.

03-14-2010, 10:28
Check the bend in the right angle. if you look at a stock one,they are not 90 degrees.

03-14-2010, 19:39
The LWD worked fine in the G23C, which has me scratching my head on the G20 issue. I didn't try to straighten it out or anything - just did the 'plug n play' and got this. When I get some time this week, I think I am going to break down the G34 and swap its connector with the LWD to see what happens in it.:dunno:

03-21-2010, 20:37
Update: I decided to try the 'problematic' LWD connector out in a new-to-me 2001 G29 and it worked great, leaving me scratching my head. Well, in the deal for the G29, the gent had given me a NIW Scherer 3.5# connector. I took that new connector, popped it in the G20 that was having the issue with the LWD and VOILA!!:wow: - works like a champ. I guess it was tolerance stacking. In any case, both now have nice trigger pulls. :cool: