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03-14-2010, 11:57
I've got them on two guns now and am enjoying them. The criticisms I hear of them are as follows:

1) They're useless
2) They slow you down in an emergency situation

The first criticism I just disregard along with statements like "If God had meant man to fly he would have given him wings."

The second is worthy of discussion. What slows you down is checking to see if your red dot is on the target. I watched an SAS pistol training video in which the instructor says he trains his people to pause to see if they're on target. Merely being fast isn't enough: you'll hit other people than your target or you won't hit anything at all. I'm sure the "pause" can be sped up just as trigger squeeze can be sped up. In other words, you can "pause fast." After all, we want to hit our target. Just being fast doesn't guarantee we will.

It follows, then, that acquiring a target with lasers is a matter of pausing, just as in the above description of point shooting. I'd be interested to hears others on this subject -- people who've shot with lasers.

Thanks in advance.

03-15-2010, 06:35
You have to train your eye/brain to shoot with lasers. Even using iron sights you have to aquire that flash sight picture. the good thing is a laser will allow you to keep your focus on the threat and when the red/green dot superimposes on your target you are ready to press or pull the trigger. Its no different than shooting with a RDS on an AR its a training issue it takes time but in the end it will make you a better and faster shooter.