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03-14-2010, 18:35
I just bought a G23 and have read the basic manual which talks about basic maintenance which I can do easily. However, I see all these posts about taking the gun apart completely to give it an extensive cleaning. How often is that necessary? If its infrequent then I suppose I can just take it to an armorer. If its very frequent then I may want to sign up for the armorer's class. Thanks.

03-14-2010, 19:37
I know shooters that clean their guns (Glocks) every time they take it out. I know others that never clean them at all..... I mean NEVER.

I basically ask myself.... was the gun exposed to water, sweat, corrosive ammo, extensive fowling or anything (weird) that could possibly harm it? If so, I clean it. If not... what the heck, wait until the next time to clean it. After all, it is a Glock. (These suckers are really tough.) I can shoot a thousand rounds through it..... wipe it off and holster.... No worries!

A few years ago I shot a whole year of USPSA with one gun and NEVER cleaned or oiled it. All I did at the end of the match was wipe it off with a dry rag. At the end of the year I wiped it off (again), passed it around and asked everybody to comment regarding condition. The consciences was, it ran good enough to win, was their any doubt it would keep running? Cleaning was never even mentioned!

FYI: I shoot for fun. I do not carry a gun for a living. If I did, I would most likely have a different set of rules. (just because)

BTW: I never have heard of a Glock getting cleaned to death......

I recommend you pick up a copy of the Complete Glock Reference Guide. With a copy of this in hand you can be as meticulous about cleaning as you want and become your own Armorer.

03-14-2010, 20:42
Thanks JR, you've just educated me and improved my cash flow!