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03-15-2010, 06:23
Almost every article I read on the use of deadly force (justified use) ends with how much it cost the defendant to prove his case.

We are always given the sound advice to refrain from making any specific statements right after the incident. Instead we are to contact our attorney (one that we have already consulted with and are comfortable has skill in defending us in just this kind of situation).

What advise can you give to those of us who, in this economic struggle, are living payday to payday and cant afford to retain an attorney for an event that may or may not happen?

In the event that we have to use deadly force, and with no funds to hire a dream team of lawyers who can pay experts such as yourself to testify on our behalf, what advise can you give us?

Mas Ayoob
03-15-2010, 23:23
Rick, you don't want to retain a lawyer per se beforehand, though it's always useful to consult with one who handles this sort of case in your area.

There is no charge to use the legal libraries found in the courthouses in most county seat communities. The legal librarian can show you how to look up the statutes and codes that cover use of force, homicide, assault, weapons, etc. in your state, and can show you how to look up relevant caselaw. Spend some time while there with the CJS (Corpus Juris Secundum, meaning literally "the body of the law"). It offers pretty clear explanations of relevant legal principles.

If you belong to a gun club, suggest to the board of directors that they invite a local attorney (the prosecutor would be a good choice) to give a talk about the rules of the road for self defense in your jurisdiction, and answer members' questions.

Belong to local grassroots pro-gun organizations. Among other things, they've been known to put together defense funds for members wrongly accused after self-defense shootings. Another good source is an organization I'm involved with, ACLDN, the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network. Info on ACLDN can be found at

Best of luck to you,

03-16-2010, 03:13

Thanks for the information! It is greatly appreciated!