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03-15-2010, 17:47
I have a confession to make. I turely love .22 semi auto rifles. While most folks have a 10/22, as do I, I find myself searching out the less common. This is my latest find.

This is a 1966 vintage Remington Apache Black Nylon 66.

03-15-2010, 18:39

I have a Black Diamond model and if my old eyes are having a good day, it can still hit what I aim it at!

DJ Niner
03-16-2010, 00:35
Very nice!

I handled one just like it at the last semi-local gunshow. The vendor wanted $500 for it. :faint:

I remember (fondly) when a minty used plain-jane brown Nylon 66 could be had for less than $100. I'm holding out for the next one of those I see. :supergrin: