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View Full Version : Older 90s g23 with no mount rail ?

03-16-2010, 20:32
So yea, my g23 is the older model without the bottom mounting rain. Is there somewhere to get a mounting system for it ?

Thanx, Scott

03-16-2010, 21:59
I have seen a lot of different methods of attaching rails to 2nd gen Glocks. Unfortunately I have yet to see one that would be considered remotely acceptable. No matter what, they look like and afterthought and therefore in my opinion are unacceptable.

My advice, sell the one you have and purchase the one you want. Do not settle!

FYI: You can not cut a rail into a 2nd gen Glock because it is already smaller than the FGR pistols. (example: I cut it twice and its still too short)