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03-17-2010, 20:50
I think I like the archangel kit best so far. not into the sniper style stuff for this gun. Came across a bullpup kit but it looks like garbage. Any other tacticool kits out there?

DJ Niner
03-18-2010, 00:08
Tapco makes their Intrafuse kit for a telescoping-stock AR look:

I have one of these; this is what it looks like on my factory-barreled 10/22 (they also make a heavy-barrel version):

Then there is a Thompson submachinegun lookalike kit (pretty cool, but kinda spendy):

And finally, how about a 2/3 scale MG 34 kit?

If you decide to get an Archangel kit, try to find one installed on a gun and see it, first. The one I saw at a gunshow a few months ago looked kind of, well, "droopy"? Like the parts were not straight? Might have been a fluke...

03-18-2010, 08:07
The possibilites seem endless with the number of aftermarket stocks available. I went with the ATI strikeforce and I've loved it. M4 style like the tapco but the stock also folds. It has an adjustable cheek rest which is nice. I like the looks of it over the Tapco. Cost is around $100.

03-18-2010, 20:45
I own a tapco Intrafuse stock. Its nice. I did add a UTG? Quad rail to it with modification to the stock. I really like the "Taticool Look of it now" It does weight a bit for a .22. I really wanted 4 rails, if your using a bull barrel, I belive the Intrafuse stock has 4 rails. All in all, I like it!

03-20-2010, 10:41
These guys have some cool stuff.

SD Handgunner
03-23-2010, 15:15
I used a Nordic Components AR-22 Receiver Chassis Kit for my 10/22. To it I added an AR-15 6 Position Collapsable Buttstock, AR-15 Pistol Grip and AR-15 Aluminum Free Float Tube.

I also shortened the factory barrel (removing the front sight in the process) and attached a Green Mountain Aero Shroud to it to give it the appearance of a Bull Barrel without the added weight.

I have also done a complete Action / Trigger Job to this 10/22.

The kids at the Indoor Shooting Range just love shooting this Ruger 10/22. In addition to the kids thinking it looks cool the 6 Position Collapsable Buttstock can be adjusted so the length of pull is perfect for each kid that shoots it.