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03-18-2010, 17:16
I am having an issue concerning the stock slide catch on my G30, when then the mag is empty it will catch, when I insert the new mag sometimes the slide catch releases and the weapon goes into battery. Some competitive shooters would like this however I do not. Will an extended slide catch prevent this from happening?? Its not a big deal because it goes into battery and I never have any malfs when this happens, it is just bothersome to me. Could someone (glock armorer or someone who has had this happen to them) let me know if the extended slide catch will stop this. Thanks in advance, I am new to this forum but an experianced glocker....... Concealed30 :) :)

03-18-2010, 21:08
Your magazine follower has a small flat spot located on the front LH side. This flat spot "lifts" the small diamond part of the slide stop into the arresting notch of the slide thereby locking it open. If your mag spring is in good shape this should happen automatically every time you shoot the mag dry.

The issue with your gun is: the slide catch is not seating completely into the arresting notch. This most likely is caused by a weak mag spring. Replace the mag spring and the problem should resolve itself.

03-20-2010, 15:26
It is not a problem catching the slide when magazine is empty, Its when a new mag is inserted into the magwell the the slide move forward and puts into battery. From what I understand your saying its the mag spring/follower. It cannot be that cause the follower is not exposed due to a full mag inserted....Anyone else know if an extended slide stop will prevent this from happening? Thanks, Concealed 30

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03-21-2010, 23:08
If the slide lock was originally pushed completely into the arresting notch (by the magazine follower) in the first place you would not be able to release the slide by inserting a fresh magazine.
I guarantee the problem is related to a weak magazine spring or shallow arresting notch. The cheapest way to find out is to replace the mag spring or shoot the gun dry using a brand new mag.