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Crazy KD
03-19-2010, 15:43
Well you might want to check your Walmarts. I swung by my local Walmart this morning and the ammo area was completely stocked with every type of ammo. Haven't seen this much ammo in at least a year and a half..... 380 Auto, 38 Special, 45 Auto, 357 Sig, 40, 223, etc.....they had trouble finding the keys and one of the managers came back and apologized while they were hunting for the spare set. He was an avid shooter and said the word he has received was that Walmart suppliers recently committed to higher supply....

Prices have gone up slightly.....

03-20-2010, 18:55
I check walmart once a day. I actually call both walmarts here in the local area to see if they have any ammo. Usually I get a no. But the good news is, When they do get the ammo I need in (.45 and 9mm) I can buy as much of it as I want because they have no limits on quantity. I will spend up to $500 if I have to to keep stocked on thier AWESOME prices. I get Winchester white box 100 rounds of .45 for $34 and the same thing for 9mm for $22. Remington .45 is like $18 a box of 50. You cant beat those prices anywhere, I just wish they were stocked more often.

04-12-2010, 19:04
kdw - where in the lowcountry are you... I'm in Walterboro and they stay empty...