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03-20-2010, 13:42
Is it possible to remove the factory recoil spring from the factory guide rod? I have a SS guide rod coming and want to know if I can use the factory spring or if I need to order a new spring. Thanks!

03-20-2010, 19:47
Sure, the factory rod is plastic, you can just cut it in two pieces with a wirecutter. Just be sure not to damage the spring in the process.

03-21-2010, 01:06
What brand spring does the maker/seller of the guide say to use?
Should be able to use the OEM spring but I would not in case you want to change back to it.

03-24-2010, 23:41
They can be dismantled without cutting actually but assuming you're talking about ISMI(flat) springs, I'd buy one, as previously mentioned, to save the stock captured unit as a backup when price is considered. In fact, I'd recommend buying several springs of various weights so you can determine which setup exudes a perceived recoil you are most attune with.