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View Full Version : remington 870 12 and 20 gauge... compatibility?

03-20-2010, 21:33
howdy... I have a remington 870 express in 20 gauge... my question is, can I put aftermarket stocks and whatnot on it? or will they not fit? either way it's cool cuz if they don't i have an excuse to buy one in 12 gauge and make it tacticool.



03-20-2010, 23:18
Hans Vang at Vang Comp Systems can make your 20 gage stand up and do tricks. The only problem for the 20 ga is that the many different types of ammunition for the 12 ga tend not to exist for the 20.

If you wish to step up to the best 12 ga pump in the world, you can have Hans build you a super fine 870 12 ga. Check out his site. He's offering 20% off right now, I believe.

03-21-2010, 00:46
Yes, there are stock for that weapon and there are 18.5" bead sight barrels just like for the 12 ga. The 20ga makes a great tactical weapon for HD. I sell plenty of them.

03-25-2010, 12:04

You mentioned compatibility: If you want to put a 12g Stock on a 20g, that won´t work AFAIK! The Receivers are different sizes i think, so you need a stock that will fit your 20g receiver!

I´m sure there´s aftermarket stuff for 20g out there since my 7615 in .223 (based on the 20g receiver) has a aftermarket Knoxx Stock that a previous Owner put on it.

So be carefull when ordering/buying!

03-30-2010, 11:26
The 12 ga stock normally does not work on a 20 ga, but there are good 20 gauge sets out there.

Remington 20 gauge shotguns with serial numbers ending in K or U, take the LW20 gauge set. Shotguns with serial numbers ending in X or N take the 12 gauge set