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Reb 56
03-21-2010, 20:14
My IAI M1 Carbine is not reliable when 15 rnd mags are fully loaded. If I load 5 or 6 rnds works fine,if I load mag with any more than that it short strokes,some times not even resetting the trigger.

I replaced the mag springs with wolf, replaced the gas piston and op rod spring didn't help at all. Any ideas will be welcome. Thanks

04-04-2010, 07:58
The IMI M1 carbine was made to different tolerances than the USGI M1 carbine. The receiver measurements are reportedly a little tighter, making the gun marginally more accurate than a typical USGI carbine, but also making it somewhat more prone to operating reliably. There was a article about this very thing with the IAI carbines in the American Rifleman several years back.

USGI carbines work best with 15 round magazines and when there are feed issues it's usually one of two areas; the magazine itself or the receiver feedramp.