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03-22-2010, 05:50
It seems that the green lasers are the latest greatest thing right now. I am intrigued as to how well they work as compared to the typical red laser.

The two big dogs seem to be Viridian and Lasermax.

Have you or anybody you know had a chance to compare these two side by side as to the advantages and disadvantages each may have?

03-24-2010, 11:42
We have both of them here. I am kinda partial LOL since I work for Lasermax.
They both emit in the 532 wave length. so color and clairity is the same. The viriden is larger twice the size of the Lasermax and uses a CR2 battery which gives it additional run time over the lasermax. The Lasermax uses 2 1/3N batteries. they are both constructed of nylon and both are adjustable for windage and elevation. the viridian comes with or without a light, The lasermax comes with a rail so you can add a separate light The Lasermax also has the abbility to add a remote pressure switch. Now green lasers of equal power to red lasers 5Mw the green will appear 4X brighter to your eye. Why green is easier in the color spectrum than red. All green lasers are currently DPSS lasers vs solid state meaning you take a IR laser and trick it to making green, What this means to the user is that green lasers are powerhogs compared to their red brothers. usually 3X or 4X depending on how they are constructed. Also since all that energy is used the greens are more fickle to heat and cold most will not work below 30 degrees F or above 110 degrees F While a solid state Red laser has a range of below zero to well above 120 f. There is one company that makes a green that goes above and below those limits but they are made exclusively for the us Military and cost many thousands of dollars. For the money and abuse they can take red is the best value and tactically sound laser for most shooters.