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03-22-2010, 09:38
I posted this on the Rimfirecentral site, but thought I'd post it here also for the benefit of anyone looking to do a 10/22 build, and considering the Rhineland Arms Leopard stock...

I got around to doing an assembly using my Rhineland Arms Leopard stock. I must say -- what a P.I.T.A.!

The 10/22 receiver would barely fit into the stock. At first, I thought I just wasn't lining it up right -- but, no -- the tolerances were that tight!

I finally got the receiver in by lining it up in the stock and using a wood shim and hammer to carefully, but forcibly, pound the receiver in.

Once assembled, I noticed that I couldn't pop out the magazine. I pushed the eject lever and got the mag unlatched within the mag well, but the sucker would NOT come out. I pried with finger tips, then resorted to trying to get it out (again, gently but forcibly) with pliers. No go.

So I shim/hammered the receiver back out, and came to the unavoidable conclusion that I would need to perform some surgery.

At first I tried sanding down the inner sides of the stock. I did that for maybe an hour, and the mag would wedge as tightly as ever in test insertions. Now, I came to the conclusion that drastic surgery was in order.

I don't have any of those nifty power tools like dremels and such, so I pulled out my old artist's sculpting chisels. Very carefully (at first), I planed down a layer of wood on each side. Still no go. With increasing aggression, I continued to plane. I must've planed down 5-6 layers of wood before I could get the mag to drop on its own out of the stock.

While I was at it, I noticed other sticking points in the stock, and planed those down also.

The receiver now fits the stock to my satisfaction, and the mag thankfully actually comes out (the idea of somehow feeding the 10/22 with stripper clips did not appeal to me).

Anyway -- if anyone is thinking about this model stock for their next build -- be forewarned that it may not be a clean assembly, and a bit of "user modification" may be in order. :badpc:


03-25-2010, 17:53
Thomas has always fit things very tight. I am not surprised.

03-25-2010, 18:05
Thomas has always fit things very tight. I am not surprised.

Yeah -- I've been having a discussion with some good folks over on Rimfire Central, and they persuaded me that tight is far preferable to loose, and is worth the effort to avoid having to glass bed the rifle.

So I guess I shouldn't have gone quite so harsh on my assessment. I'll just leave it as a disclaimer to folks who like to play with their 10/22's that the Leopard stock should be considered a bit of a custom job, and not just a "drop-in" replacement.

I certainly can't knock the feature set of the stock. I'm kind'a referring to it as a "poor man's" biathlon rifle stock, with a semiauto action.

Thomas seems like a very nice person. He is incredibly slow at turning around his deliveries, but he is polite, honorable, and evidently takes pride in his work.