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03-22-2010, 12:31
Couldn't resist / couldn't wait.. Even bought from a gunshop I avoid like the plague and have been mistreated cause the drive was fairly short, the price was right and the urge was unresistant!!

Pics to follow, but so far I'm super psyched. No optics... Haven't decided yet. So many choices. They told me it had a REAR but no FRONT sling capability so I couldn't get the sling. Did get a nice, folding and adjustable front foregrip/handle. Wanted that. Will add a bipod most likely, a sling, hopefully optics ( I saw a REALLY tricked out one on Youtube, homeboy has what he's calling "tactical red dot" and a "3-9 IR" scope, all quick release, with the Red dot mounted ON TOP of the Sniper-type scope, and he's gonna get FLIP UP, FLIP Down, "back up iron sights" , which seems like a hell of a setup... I posted that idea on a different forum and the admin kinda suggested he was a dbag for doing that and I was a dbag for thinking about doing what the dbag did... But it seems like a hell of an optical plan!

Any thoughts? Pics to follow!

03-22-2010, 14:18
My only thought is pure jealously.

What did u pay for yours?

03-22-2010, 14:29
These are great rifles and you'll love yours. Buy a lot of mags as rhese things eat ammo voraciously.

03-22-2010, 15:09
Mine listed for $450 but I bought another mag, a foregrip, a 525pk of Federal (the owners manual actually lists brands it likes and brand it dislikes), and even grabbed a few spare RemOil wipedown cloths not really realizing that puppy is plastic in its almost-entirety lol. ( ( ( (

Still gotta get some optics and a bipod, and a sling, mos def at a minimum ..l then think about other things. Damn things got all kinds of mounting space and rail room and such light weight, it's almost obligatory! Gotta fill that puppy up, make this bad boy all kinds of tacticool up in your face like a can of mase!

03-22-2010, 18:16
Just got back from shooting my new threaded barrel model. Again. Ran a whole Winchester 333 bulk pack through her with only 4 hiccups- they were all FTE's, which I concluded were from weak loads (did not blow the bolt back effectively).

Great weapons and easily addicting!!!


DJ Niner
03-22-2010, 20:24
Congrats! They are LOTS of fun. I put another 100 rounds through mine this past weekend, with no stoppages (CCI Mini-Mags; 50 HP, 50 RN). Spare mags are on the way from (since I couldn't find any locally), should be here later this week. Waiting for the outdoor ranges to dry out for some longer distance shooting.

03-27-2010, 14:08
I cannot find a threaded barrel variant locally

03-27-2010, 14:21
The local guy has one, but it's a bit of a drive from West Texas (the town or the region).

03-27-2010, 15:00
Congrats! On the way home from the shooting range, today, I stopped by the local Big 5. I was so tempted to get one. They sent me a 10% off coupon.

DJ Niner
03-27-2010, 21:16
I cannot find a threaded barrel variant locallyI suppose if a store had several non-threaded models in stock, they might be reluctant to bring in any threaded models until the non-threaded ones had sold, lest they be "stuck" with the less desirable bare-barreled ones.

Maybe investigate ordering one in through another shop? Good luck, hope you find one.

03-27-2010, 21:32
congrats, I just put about 700 rnds though mine today. Lots of fun!

04-01-2010, 20:57
I found a Chinese knockoff company/site on eBay... I'm seriously pondering an ACOG clone, a Comp M2 Clone, or a real badass 3.5-14 x somesheeit scope .... I almost wanna buy them all and see what I like best.

I can't imagine holding zero is a big problem on such a low-recoil weapon like a .22LR right? On my shotguns maybe but not these right? Anyone with accessories / parts tips/sites/etc. lemme have it!