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03-25-2010, 07:24
Hey guys, I posted this at another forum but didn't get many responses so I thought I'd try here.
I have an M&P 40 FS that I really enjoy. So much so, that I am considering getting a refinish in NP3+. I have a few questions. Will this affect my warrenty through S&W? Second, would they have to strip the original factory finish from my slide before applying a new finish. Third, what are some opinions on the NP3, will it keep my pistol in better condition longer? And Last, a Cabelas near me has good deals on an M&P with a stainless finish. It might be cheaper to sell and buy a stainless rather than go with NP3. But, does the stainless model offer the same level of protection as the black melonite or NP3? Thanks for any help.<!--IBF.ATTACHMENT_248959-->

03-28-2010, 19:43
The main avantage of NP3 over some of the other options is the added Teflon. Hard Chrome has better abrasion resisitance but less corrosion resistance. If you like the color I think it's very hard to go wrong with NP3.