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Glock 17L
03-25-2010, 23:56
My Pop was a US Naval Veteran in WWII, He Joined Dec 12th 1941 & was a boatsmans mate on a destroyer.. I have his badges & medals etc..
Anyhow over the years my twin brother & I got him a 1911 Colt, Ruger Single Six but he always wanted something smaller & lighter to just drop in his pocket.. The J-22 was his answer..
He died at the ripe ole age of 80 & was my mentor & friend..
Thanks For Wooping me Pop.. I needed it alot plus my Twin Brother..
I didn't get much when he passed & made damn sure that my older brother knew that the J-22 was Legaly registered in my name & that I wanted it..
I was with my Dad & we saw the J-22 for sale for $20 OTD & I dropped the $20 bill & bought it for him..
It's sad how my brother seized everything from my Dads house & hasn't ever shared any of my folks things with me or my twin brother or the assetts from the sale of the property..
It's been 10+ years now but still seems like yesterday to me..
I also scored a gun rack that hung on my Pops wall in his bedroom but somehow the Marlin Bolt Action & the Mossberg 20ga disapeared????
I learned to shoot with that Marlin when I was five years old & would have loved to have had it..
I have my 10/22 Ruger hanging in the gun rack & some of my misc gun junk in the drawer, It realy reminds me of my Pop every time I see it.
Found a set of the earlier J-22 wood grips & modified them to fit the later style J-22 with vertical safety & scored a couple of slabs of some nice wood that someday I plan on makeing a killer set of Grips for my POP GUN..Also picked up two more magazines at the gunshows now I have four.
I take it to the range with me sometimes but find my Ruger MKII & 10/22 are just better range companions but the J-22 has it's place as it did for My Pop..
I've done several mods to this pistol & have it to were it's "almost" as reliable as my Ruger MKII Target, These pistols just need to have all the drag taken out, a few springs lightened & fit the barrel hood to the slide..
I know most folks think these guns are junk, maybe that's why there's no posts in this forum, or maybe I'm missing something here??
I know this is a Glock Forum & will have to admitt that MY Glock 19 is always 100% with any ammo fed threw it, 22s are more finicky than that & most cheaper SNSs need to be fed CCI Minimags to be reliable..
Here's a few pics..

"POP GUN" Bryco J-22

03-26-2010, 15:12
Good story, thanks! :)

Sorry about the other guns, though.

Glock 17L
03-26-2010, 16:04
Thanks 8-Ball
I'd give almost anything to have that Marlin 22..
Just found out my Twin Brother traded it for some speakers to a guy that used to live next door that now lives in Florida, Thinking about contacting his elder son to try an track it down.. The Mossberg 20ga was also sold by my Brother for $$$$
There's just no words to describe my thoughts about that..
Hope there some "SWEET" speaks??

03-27-2010, 17:22
Hey, that's the same grips as I have on my J-22. Old school pistol. I always liked them.
Family can be a real pain sometimes. Hope you get a line on the Marlin.
I have a Remington model 11 12 ga. made in 1915. It was passed down to my Dad and then to me by my Grandfather. Not sure how he came across it. It's a semi-auto and still shoots great.

Glock 17L
06-30-2010, 23:34
Those are the "Old School" J-22 grips I picked up at a gunshow for a few bucks & modified them to fit the later style safetied J-22..
They feel great on the Jennings & I think my Pop Would be very proud of them..
Here's a few more pics of the Jennings J-22 "Saturday Night Special"

My "POP GUN" Jennings J-22

07-03-2010, 20:05
That's a nice cut job on the grip. Looks like factory from the pic. I sold my
J-22 in a momentary lapse of good reasoning. I've missed it ever since. Now I have this little Taurus. PT22.
I like it but still miss the J-22

Glock 17L
07-04-2010, 06:16
I took me a while to remove the bumps on the inside of the grips & then to shape the cuttout for the safety, you can see the slot toward the front were it was notched for the earlier style front-back safety slide.. The grips are rosewood & are very hard..

I realy like the grip size of your Taurus, I bet it realy shoots nice, BTW I have a Taurus pistol box like that in my stash of gun goodies..

I wonder why no one ever posts in this section??
Maybe too many snobs with $1000+ high end Pistols that look down on "Pop Guns"?
There's a Great "Bryco/Jennings/Jeminez forum that I frequent.. I'm HEADKNOCKER there..
Enjoy #1Glock30
Gary aka SIG P229/Headknocker/Beretta92

07-08-2010, 20:18
Ha ha. I'm pistolwhip on that site. I got on that board and not much was going on there at that time. I'm going to have to revisit there. I'll use your link.
I have a couple pretty nice pistols, a M&P compact 45 and of course my G30, and looking into 1911's but I always enjoy shooting little snubby 22's.
The taurus feels better in my hand literally than any other pistol I've ever felt. And I've fondeled a lot of them. It shoots good with the right ammo. I think a good feed ramp polishing would go along way with that. But it shoots federal round nose and Remington golden hp bullits flawlessly.
My little J22 loved Stinger ammo. The Taurus seems to hate it.
It's funny as I have my old J22 box that is exactly like the one you have pictured.
I found this section of the board and decided to update the member list and have done so ever since when I get an email saying someone has made a post.
I've done several updates but no one ever posts here. But hey, here we are!
I spend a lot of time on FloridaShootersNetwork as we're just a bunch of local yokels. I've met some great people from there and in times of trouble the folks on the board really help each other out.
As to your opening post . There's a old 410 shotgun that I gave up to my brother when I got the 12 gauge back in 1982 when my father passed. It didn't seem to mean much to him as he left it at my sisters house in Cal. who since has divorced. Her ex who could be long gone for all I know has it. My sister said she would get it back but it's been 2 years since I asked and still no gun. Here's the kicker. My father took me down to the gunshop on my 9th birthday and bought me that old single shot shotgun. I'm 53 now. I get a knot in the craw when I think about it. So I feel for you and hope someday you and I get to enjoy the old guns that meant so much to our childhood.

Glock 17L
08-04-2011, 21:59
This area of Glock Talk is DEAD!!
I figured I'd post a recent picture of my "POP GUN"

Jennings/Bryco J-22 w/ Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey