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03-26-2010, 17:13
I just wanted to say hello from behind enemy lines to all. I just purchased my first 45 GAP, a model 37 from BUDS and am very happy with it so far. I couldn't pass up getting a 45 cal. Glock for $379 shipped and even though ammo is $3-$4 more a box it is pretty easy to find online. I also like the fact that they are somewhat uncommon and not everyone has one. It is kind of like being in a exclusive club LOL.

03-26-2010, 18:25
Wecome to the forums BIG-DOG. A lot of very useful information is here. You will also find some reloading info for your new pet if you want. I carry my 37 on a somewhat daily basis depending on what i am doing and where i am going. Yes i reload for it also which makes it even cheaper to play with. Have fun with yours.

03-26-2010, 19:19
I too reload, for both of my GAPs...

I use the 37 in USPSA competition in Production class. I can shoot it more accurately and quickly than I can my year-old 40-cal. 35. I use a 200g. Rainier plated bullet for targets and a Gold Dot 185 in my PD rounds, which I assemble in new Starline nickel-plated cases.


Lotsa Glocks
03-26-2010, 20:18
From one new GAP owner to another, congratulations and ENJOY!!! :wavey:

03-26-2010, 20:54
Big-Dog, didn't you hear that .45 GAP is a dying round. :tongueout:

JK. I also took advantage of Buds price on the 37. I LOVE mine. It is my first experience with Glock and won't be my last. Enjoy the 37 :wavey:

03-27-2010, 07:37
Hi Big-Dog,

I too became a GAP'r, a proud G37 owner, and a member of this great forum last month with the purchase of a "deeply discounted" glock! I got mine on gunbroker from jModel57. His price was great, but your bud's deal is even better! Congrats and welcome!


03-27-2010, 07:42
BIG-DOG: Welcome to the Bull Dawgs forum as well as to GlockTalk.

I bought my G37 from Bud's just a few weeks ago too. What a deal! :supergrin: I still need to get it to the range for some target time though. :embarassed:

03-27-2010, 18:38
Thanks folks, glad to be here. I went to the the local gun show this morning looking for some ammo. There were probably somewhere around 400 tables and not a box to be found..LOL. I did find a lot of 380 which made my LCP happy. On the way home I stopped by the Gander Mountain to check out the Glocks and looked over at the ammo shelf and there were 4 boxes of Federal 230's and on sale for $22 a box. Last place I would have expected to find any, so the day wasn't a total loss :supergrin:. I see there are some good posts for reloading,but does anyone have any suggestions on what reloading equipment to get for someone starting out that won't break the bank ?

Thanks !

03-27-2010, 19:10
I see there are some good posts for reloading,but does anyone have any suggestions on what reloading equipment to get for someone starting out that won't break the bank ?
I am also interested in starting to reload. Two of my three handgun rounds are .380 (LCP :cool:) and .45 GAP, neither are easy to find or cheap around me.

Lotsa Glocks
03-27-2010, 21:10
Here is a link to get you started. I started looking at it last night and there is more info here than I can process in one sitting. Also, if you search this forum, you can find formulas used by fellow gappers. DannyR has posted a couple of his favorites.


03-27-2010, 21:24
I have been buying a little bit of GAP for $23 to $25 a box, just to have some to start shooting with. Well, as I went to the show today, GA Arms was there and they had 185gr FMJ GAP for $17.50 per 50 (JHP for $18.50). Since I had to buy ammo for several guns, I only bought 100rds to try - but if it works out in my G37, they will get my business at every other show I visit.

03-28-2010, 09:01
Very simple..buy a Lee Press..lee dies..a GOOD scale [ not the Lee ] std pistol small primers of your choice and read the loads posted to choose your first powder and bullets to try. BUY some GOOD reloading books such as ABC's of reloading and the Lyman 49th and welcome to the trials and tribulations of a wonderful world called reloading !! NO you dont have to spend a fortune to get started. depending on how much you shoot..pay back on your investment is rather quick.

03-30-2010, 21:06
I too couldn't pass on buds deal. Great price and I have wanted a .45 gap for some time.