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03-26-2010, 18:58
What is the best way to carry concealed a medium sized fixed blade knife? Where on your body does it go?

03-26-2010, 19:02
I've seen some of these that are ultralight, and come with a sheath that is worn around your neck on your choice of necklace---I'd be cautious about wearing something around my neck that could possibly be used to choke me----Use something that can be broken if needed?

I'm no expert- I look forward to hearing from guys who carry a straight blade.

03-26-2010, 19:23
a looooong time ago i carried an 8 inch bladed bowie in a kydex sheath under my right arm. it was so long ago that kydex was still "rare" and not many people were working with it at the time. the sheath was jury rigged to my shoulder holster opposite my gun.

03-26-2010, 20:05
This works for me with a 5 1/4" blade.

so can carry on off side also.


03-27-2010, 03:57
I've just recently started experimenting with carrying a fixed-blade knife (at least as much as my budget will allow), so take this for what it's worth. I'm trying out a CRKT Minimalist knife in a MercHarness. It's not bad, comfort-wise, though I'm still tweaking the adjustments. It seems to conceal fairly well, though I haven't done much drawing from concealment yet; I want to find one of my old shirts as I don't want to shred one of my good shirts in the process.

The Hawk
03-27-2010, 12:27
Many years ago (sort of like BEER's post) I carried a Cold Steel Tanto in a shoulder rig opposite my S&W .357. I went to a leathershop/boot repair place and told him what I wanted. I left my shoulder rig with him. I was very pleased with the results. I was LEO and did not wear a uniform. Our unit all wore plainclothes. Now that I am retired, if I want to carry a fixed blade I just strap in on my belt. State law allows open carry here but you better check where you are before you try that.

03-27-2010, 18:28
IWB strong side, in front of the gun, its about at 3:00. Drawpoint/M-10/pikal style. its concealed by my cover garment, and for day to day use its quicker than a folder.I also can carry, and often do, carry a larger fixed blade at about 7:30 IWB. Both knives are in kydex sheaths i made..well hell, i made the knives as well.

keep the overal profile thin, and its easier to carry a knife concealed than it is a gun.

03-27-2010, 21:23
I carry a RAT3 IWB 9 o'clock blade forward. I've also used the Mercharness with a cold steel kobun and it works well.

03-28-2010, 08:13
I carry an RC-3 in my front right pocket. Paracord attached to belt loop and sheath. Drawing from the pocket leaves the sheath dangling from the cord. I'll also carry it outside the waistband on the belt. Cover garments tend to conceal it just as well as a pistol.

03-28-2010, 22:12
IWB Kydex, strongside a little further back than 3 O'clock. you can see a picture of the sheath i use, on my site. it's the Benchmade Nimravus. i've also carried the fixed blade Presidio (larger than a Nim), in this manner, without much hassle. however, in the future i'm going to make a rig that holds a bowie diagnally across my back, handle down. it will require a jacket or vest, though, it won't (realistically) be concealable under a t-shirt.

03-28-2010, 22:39
Back in my youth I was always armed with a few non firearms, some of them fixed blades, influence from my martial background, I favored 6-8" blade Tanto's W short slim (easily concealed) handles and small oval or no Guard; in summer I carried shallow diagonal SOB position, Winter offered a variety of positions, most favored was the traditional Japanese Samurai carry position, or the above, but always IWB.

They both worked very well for long hrs of wear comfort, speed of proper presentation/Deployment, Draw cut. *the traditional carry position excels at the Draw cut of course, ~VS~ SOB carry.

03-29-2010, 15:45
I carry a CRKT First Strike w/kydex sheath in my front pocket. But I do have big pockets. Otherwise it goes on my belt.

03-29-2010, 16:59
IWB in a custom kydex rig.

03-29-2010, 19:23
Minimalist around my neck. Sometimes a Spyderco Kumo on the belt around 730.

03-29-2010, 19:27
Inside the waist band is great as well as small of back and in some type of shoulder rig simmilar to a Merc Harness. Easily accesable for various rapid presentations/slashes or stabs. Cold Steel Recon Tanto is as big as I have played with thus far. Hope to get around to making a IWB kydex sheath for my CS Trail Master soon. If you need kydex check out River City sheaths. Mike is very knowledgable on tons of CC issues for blades. He carries a Hells Bells Bowie frequently, it has a 10 & 5/8ths inch blade.

When you say medium sized are you talking 4-5 inch or so blade length? Do you already have the knife you want to carry?

Body types are different and what works for anyone else may not work for you with reguards to body placement. I am a big fan of 550 para cord and use it to make lots of prototype carry systems, the inside the pocket, sheath tied off to a belt loop for a fast draw that keeps the blade covered so you do not slash your covergarment untill the clothing is cleared, various shoulder rigs and stitched into coat attachment points as well as some drop leg setups for 9+ inch blades. This has allowed lots of me figuring out whear various knives fit my body. Neckknives are cool but I like to add asmall elatic cordaround mytorso tokeepitclose tomychest andpreventit fromshiftingaroundtoomuch. The elastic expands and contracts with my chest and the breakaway ball chain around the neck will keep me from getting choked with the neck cord. I had to remove a guy from a good hold on a bartenders gold chains one night and figued anything around my neck other than clothing was a no-go untill, coming up with this.

Play around with different carry setups if you can it will show the pluses and minuses to each and get you to a better understanding of whear works best for you.

Just my 0.02 cents worth.