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Special Reserve
03-28-2010, 13:05
I've got couple questions and didn't want to start a bunch of threads. I'm relatively new to reloading and want to try 10mm. I have some 10mm federal ammo from the early 90's that a friend gave me. I've been saving the brass but have heard different things about trying to reload federal brass. Is it good or bad?
Next question. I reload 40 and would like to add 9mm in the future as well. I have been looking at VV320 and titegroup. I'd like to try and keep the amount of powders I have to a minimum. I searched all the sticky's looking for 10mm loads using these 2 powders. Didn't see much info on either of those. On Vihtavuori website they recommend VV340 and VV350 for 10mm and V340 for the heavier bullets in 40. But not 9mm. Would I be better off going with VV340 for 10mm and 40. I guess is there one power that works with all 3 or I am looking for the impossible?

03-28-2010, 13:24
I don't know anything about the VV powders but I know Alliant's Power Pistol, and maybe Blue Dot, would work with all three depending on which weight bullets you want to use.

Power Pistol (http://www.alliantpowder.com/reloaders/Powder.aspx?powderid=8)

Blue Dot (http://www.alliantpowder.com/reloaders/Powder.aspx?powderid=10)

When I started off loading 10mm, the only brass I had was from some remanufactured ammo sold by one of the local indoor ranges, and most of it is Federal. I've loaded some of it three times now and every time around I'll loose a few to cracks, but I just make sure to inspect them every time I tumble.

03-28-2010, 17:23
Unique wilol work with all 3, but will probably not give you max performance any caliber, you can get close in 40 and 9mm, though. I use unique for most of my practice ammo.

03-28-2010, 22:33
IMR 800-X would work for all three with the heaviest bullets:supergrin:.