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03-29-2010, 05:57
First all all thank you for replying to our questions. Iam still trying to get all the information I can about AR-15's before I purchase one, with that being said now I have in down to the point where I want a 16" barrel chromed lined my next question is last night a friend told me he was talking to a salesman at a gun shop and the salesman told him on the AR-15's that are chambered for 556 on SOME models you will have trouble if you use 223 ammo. Some of the AR's Iam looking at where is describes the cal. it is marked 556 - 223 does this mean that they will shoot both cal. with no trouble at all? I was told you can shoot 223 ammo in any AR that will handle 556 but you can not shoot 556 in a firearm that is made to shoot 223. (Its like shooting 38 ammo in my 357mag. with no trouble but you can not shoot 357 in a 38.)
Thank You

03-29-2010, 11:24
If it's a 5.56 chamber you can shoot either, If it is a real .223 chamber then the mil M193 and 855(SS109) ammo can produce too much pressure and may pop primers.