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03-29-2010, 11:59

Im almost done with my Glock 17 RTF2, i didnt want to post pics till i was done but you know how anxious some of us gun guys get... any way here is whats in it:

Trijicon nite sights (installed by glock)
Lone Wolf 3.5# connector
Lone Wolf 3pin Extended slide stop
Lone Wolf G17 grip plug
Lone Wolf Extended mag release
RTF2 frame Duracoated Magpul OD green

your products are great JR and i lovem! there are 3 things missing that i am just to broke to do right now but that is a blackened threaded barrel, stainless guide rod, and extended slide lock. So if you need a little testing done on any of those let me know!!!! and thanks for the great products!!

03-29-2010, 12:15
Thanks for all your support! I think the G17 threaded barrels are out of stock right now, give me a couple weeks to get them back on-line. All our threaded barrels are available in stainless or black, your choice. The guide rods are available pre-sprung with factory weight recoil springs or you can order them with any weight spring you want. If you contact me when you are ready to purchase, I will get you one of our ESLL’s as a T&E piece.

BTW: You can order any LWD barrel or slide in black. All you do is type LWD-R in the search box and the refinish choices will appear. The threaded barrels are