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03-29-2010, 17:34

left : Factory Glock 38 Mag MF38108

right : Factory Glock 19 Mag

I just picked up 3 G38 mags and these dont have metal plate looking thingy ( like the one in G19 ) .

can anyone tell me the difference ? G38 mags works fine .. but i wasnt sure if i need to send em back or something .. just wanted to ask you guys before ..


03-29-2010, 17:40
The mags with the exposed metal are a newer mag, designed to work with the now abandoned ambi mag release. Both styles will function 100% in any Glock.

The new Gen4 frames will have a reversible (not ambi) mag release and newer mags to boot.

03-29-2010, 17:51
so the guy was trying to get rid off old mags to me .. no wonder it was cheap ..

danny thankyou sir !

03-29-2010, 23:11
They're obviously defective. Send them to me, and I'll make sure that they're safely disposed of...

Count yourself lucky. I'd like to come across some cheap.