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03-31-2010, 16:48
I just recently purchase a S&W 340PD last week. I went to the range this weekend to test it out. I shot 15 round of S&B 158gr FMJ and 5 round of Hornady Critical Defense 125 gr FTX. When I was cleaning it, I notice that the front of the cylinder is pitted and it was not like that before I shot it. I already know not to shoot anything in .357 Mag below 120 gr but what the H***?



04-02-2010, 20:59
Looks like flash scores on finish.
Not sure if they use a clear coat on the black guns.
They do on the silver ones.
Best to ask smith Inc.

06-24-2010, 17:38
Normal for the PD's it has a teflon coating on the cylinder face in the chambers and with some brands and loads it will allow the cylinder to score due to the extremely tight tolerances and the mixture of a relatively soft metal.

I have a 340PD and it looks just abut the same as yours and I got a call tag but decided not to return it until got bad enough to not be safe or until the frame cracked whichever happens first.