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04-01-2010, 21:43
Anyone using Power Pistol willing to share load data for 185gr or 200gr JHP?

Alliant recommends 7.8gr for 185gr and 7.6gr for 200gr.

However Lyman manual is much lower:
185gr - 6.4gr - 7.2gr max; 200gr - 6.0gr - 6.8gr. max

I am inclined toward the Alliant load data.

Thanks, in advance, OD.

04-02-2010, 17:50
OD -
I used the Alliant data. Worked up to 7.6gr. with good accuracy using 185gr. Hornady JHP.
For 200gr Speer JHP bullets 6.9 to 7.3gr. of Power Pistol should get you on the paper.
Loads fired from a G38. My G39 was also good with these loads. Of course, the usual cautions apply.

dave - HS-6 is also a good GAP powder

04-03-2010, 08:23
miatank - how do you like the Hornady load?
Also, do you have a target and a personal defense load?

04-05-2010, 04:44
miatank - how do you like the Hornady load?
Also, do you have a target and a personal defense load?

The Hornady load is worth a try and if not for liability issues (real or urban legend) they could be in my mag.
For SD I got a bulk (250) pack of Speer 200gr GDs. At the time, the price was too good to pass up. Now, I don't know.
For practice/target you could go several ways. Hi-line would be FMJ bullets. You could load them as strong as SD HPs. Have not looked lately, the FMJ may cost nearly as much as HPs.
Since plain lead is a no-no, look into copper plated lead bullets. Reasonable price vs. jacketed. But I would keep loads moderate or less. My opinion only.
OK, Glock says no lead and I would not use the 'old style' plain lead with lube in a grouve either. But Glock also says no reloads - so...
I'm working on some target loads using moly coated lead bullets. http://www.billybullets.com/ Loaded to 'target' levels, I have had no problems. For frequent shooting, these locally (gun show) available bullets fit my retired budget just fine. Sometimes I read the 45 ACP section and some of them use 'coated' lead of one type or another too.

dave - and sometimes I drive over the speed limit :wow:

04-05-2010, 11:07
In my G21SF, I was using 200 gr XTPs over 7.0 gr of PP and it was a soft shooting load and quite accurate. But I stepped some up with 8.0 gr of PP for some +P loads and you can definately notice the added power with quite snappy recoil and excessive muzzle flash on par with 10mm loads with the same weight bullet.

I was using them for target practice and as my backup ammo while pig hunting. I try not to use reloads for SD, but if need be, the XTP would be a very effective bullet. I was using the +P Ranger load for SD.