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04-02-2010, 18:53

I got my 20 rounders for the SKS today and of course, had to run to the range to try them out. After 10 boxes through the two mags, not a single hitch and the bolt stayed open after the last round was fired. I somehow broke the nub off on the 10 round internal magazine's follower and the bolt wouldnt stay open after the last round, so I bought an aftermarket mag and even when looking at it, it looked cheap, but I needed a new mag. It wouldnt keep the bolt open either, so I gave up on my SKS. I bought the Tapcos hoping to breathe new life into it, and you know what, they did!

So, rocking on and plan on getting a few more for stock.


04-04-2010, 07:32
While researching replacing the stock and original non-removable magazine Tapco had better reviews than any other manufacturer for the SKS mags. Now the SKS has a folding collapsible stock and a Tapco mag. It looks great but haven't been able to shoot it yet.