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04-02-2010, 22:36
Hi first time posting

My question is anybody using a gen3 40-9 barrel on a
gen4 22 or can you use a gen3 slide on a gen4 frame ?

Thanks !

04-02-2010, 22:43
All the barrels in the Gen4 series are the same as the Gen3 series. They will change between each other no problem. Yes the LWD 9mm conversion barrels will fit any Glock 40/357 pistol produced Gen1 through Gen4
The Gen3 slides will drop right on to a Gen4 frame, no problem.

04-03-2010, 09:49
Thanks JR for your reply
so the gen3 smaller recoil rod hole and the larger hole on gen4 slide won't matter as
long as I use gen3 recoil spring with the gen3 slide and barrel right so that means I can
use a gen3 complete upper slide and put it on a gen4 lower and work ?

04-03-2010, 21:30
Gen4 slides require the dual spring. gen 1-3 slides require the single spring.
You can install either slide on either frame