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04-03-2010, 00:41
After owning several poly Kahrs and later selling or trading them in, due to questionable reliability issues, I've recenty purchased an all steel MK40.

I currently have three choices of ammo and I'm wondering if anyone has carried any of the following and what they think about it. Having had reliability issues in the past in other guns, I'm first and foremost concerned about ammo that will cycle and perform reliably. Second concern would be overall performance, specifically performance, keeping in mind defense from humans and also as a back up woods gun, so potentially against cougar and black bear (last ditch back up that is). I'm not worried about recoil at all.

Winchester PDX1, 180 gr

Winchester Silvertip, 155 gr

Buffalo Bore +P 180 gr

I picked these three, because that's what I currrently have in stock. Other choices that I might consider, if I can find any, are

Speer Golddot short barrel, 180 gr

Pretty much any other Speer golddot load

Buffalo Bore +P, 155 gr (with speer bullet)

Any concerns or comments on any of these loads in any of the Kahrs or any other loads you might recommend?

Thanks much.

04-03-2010, 12:18
I use Fed EFMJ in most of my guns. Then Speer SB. Good luck. Waiting
for Hor CD 45acp to come out soon.

04-03-2010, 17:41
Based on actual in the field reports of actual self defense shooting events Speer Gold Dot hard to beat. Ranger RAT40 is my 2nd choice.

04-04-2010, 05:59
I recently got an MK40 as well and so far it loves Rangers and I've also run some PMC JHP ammo through it without any issues.

And the little thing is stupid accurate!

04-08-2010, 05:06
I've seen video tests and read very good reviews of the Winchester PDX1 round. Out of a Glock 27, the 180gr penetrated extremely well although it gave up a little expansion.

I currently carry Federal 155gr HST rounds in my PM40. These are snappy, but the reviews and gelatin tests compared to other ammo were very positive. ...and they cycle just fine in my pistol.

Dig a little on the Buffalo Bore +P ammo. At least one guy blew up his G22 with this ammo. Even at much lower velocites (900-950fps) out of the MK40/PM40/G27, the PDX1 still digs deep, so I don't see a need to hot rod the round up like they have the .38+P.

04-08-2010, 07:16
Any name brand 155gr or lighter JHP will work fine. I carry Remington 155gr JHP's (the old Border Patrol load) and have had excellent results.

04-09-2010, 21:37
Dig a little on the Buffalo Bore +P ammo. At least one guy blew up his G22 with this ammo.According to the Buffalo Bore website, this ammo is not intended to be used in Glocks, or any other guns that lack a fully supported chamber.


"This data is intended for use in firearms which fully support the cartridge in the chamber. Use of this data in firearms which do not fully support the cartridge may result in bulged cases, ruptured cases, case head separation, or other conditions which may result in damage to the firearm and/or result in injury or death of the shooter or bystanders. Glock happens to chamber their 40 S&W pistols without a fully supported chamber and both of those above safety notices are likely aimed at Glock."