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04-05-2010, 20:41
I'm thinking of getting a SOG Seal Pup Elite w/Black TiNi. Any one have one and like to offer suggestions or recommendations?

04-06-2010, 01:01
I don't have the elite, but I have a tiger-stripe seal-pup that I picked up in a px in Iraq. It's a lightweight knife, not particularly substantial. The blade looks to me like it wouldn't take much to snap off. The grip isn't well executed, but does have purchase. The blade finish isn't very durable. The blade is marked Tiwan, which doesn't inspire confidence. It wouldn't be my choice for a go-to knife.

04-06-2010, 11:59
I have owned both the regular seal-pup and the elite. Because I liked the elite so much more, I gave the regular to a friend who needed a knife for camping. I've found the elite to be a good, light-weight knife. They improved the grip and jimping on the back of the blade. Good for most fixed-blade type tasks. Just remember that it's not an all-purpose camp knife. It's small, so it has it's limitations.

04-07-2010, 20:07
I don't plan to do too much with it, light camping and hunting. For my needs, I like the fact that it is not real big. And it doesn't hurt that it looks good too...:-)