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04-07-2010, 02:06
Hi, I have a Magnum Research BFR Long Cylinder with a 10'' Barrel. Non-ported,no muzzle brake.

I had a $200 dollar Nickle Plated Burris 2x non posi-lock scope attached to the handgun.
I had 4 Burris Soild steel Nickle plated 1'' Medium Scope mounts with friction paper to hold the scope in place.

The scope slid loose a few centimeters in scope rings, this happened several times even after retightening the ring screws. I had the mounts as tight as I could get them. The nickle finish was actually scraping off when the scope was sliding. It was slipping from all four of the ring mounts. The front lense in the scope ended up breaking.

I didn't bend or crush the tube because burris covered the scope under their warranty, they sent it back to me in working condition and I ended up selling it at a gunshow. I didn't have the guts to re-mount it.

I sent my BFR to Magna-Port in Michigan and had them rifle port the BFR and add a muzzle break. The next scope I plan to mount is going to be a Burris scope with posi-lock.

My question is. Why were my mounts slipping? What scope would you recommend?

04-08-2010, 08:51
Could be as simple as the nickle finish of the scope was to slippery for the rings to hold on to. I would have to see the whole system fired to tell you for sure. Friction paper doesnt sould like a good way to eat up the gap between rings and scope. Leupold makes scopes and rings designed for high recoil I would call their customer service number and talk to one of their reps.