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04-07-2010, 16:39
The boss (i.e. girlfriend) and I were discussing making up a pair of bug-out-bags and immediately started hitting some walls. In doing a little research it seems most people are worried about packing an extra pair of sneakers, a toothbrush, and their favorite home and garden magazine for some entertainment. We were thinking something a little different and decided that having 1000 rounds of 223 and 500-1000 of 45ACP on each of us would be a good start. The problem was, what bag to get, and how to transport all this ammo. Best thought was to have it already in magazines but this too raises another issue. What bag out there could carry this in a BOB setup and have everything accessible? Neither of us having served in the military before, how do the SF guys pack their ammo for humping around the wilderness for a few weeks?

I'm looking for a backpack that we can each have and grab and move. The Maxpedition packs look great, they're just to dern small. I want to be able to get us and the dog out to a mountain retreat, 150 ml away, on foot if needed. We're both in the physical condition to make it, just need ideas on getting the gear to keep up with us.

Many thanks in advance.

JC Refuge
04-07-2010, 17:59
First thing I'm stuck on here is the weight of all that ammo. What are we talking? ... maybe 45-50 pounds? Not a problem for two of you if you've got little or nothing else in your packs (but water and food is not light either). Man, my back and shoulders are hurting already just thinking about it.

Perhaps pre-positioning some of that ammo where you figure to be headed and/or along the way would be an alternative.

And to continue whining for just a bit--yes, there's certainly more than one way to skin this cat. Great big back packs are one. But I like wheels. Trucks, bicycles, bike trailers. But you said this was happening on-foot, so how about a game cart? Something like this:

Even a jogging stroller would be helpful ... something narrow, big wheels, tough enough to carry a load--from 100 pounds to several hundred pounds. Think how helpful that would be--conserving your energy and keeping you free to move and react a bit more quickly if need be.

Now to answer your question--in this forum, I am trying very hard to keep from posting too many commercial links. Especially not to my own listings. In this case, I do want to point out a product that I think might be an answer to your question ... have a look at the S.O. Tech Paladin Mission Pack, Expedition.

You can find it elsewhere at various prices. But here is just one link to get a look at what I am talking:

I need to get these in my store.

Anyway, let me know what you think.

04-07-2010, 21:10
Assuming I was to get this pack, or one like it, what then? How does one properly store large quantities of ammo in such a pack for a G.O.O.D. type of situation? I'm assuming in magazines is probably the best, so I'll default on that, but then what? Should I just stack my mags into the bottom of a large pack? Should I have mag pouches strapped to the sides? How is this done? I find it rather interesting that the only packs I can find that have built in pouches for magazine storage are the small active shooter types. Maybe there's a reason for this.

I have a case of 223 sitting right here and it's not to bad for weight. The 45 (down in the dungeon) would probably be a good bit heavier from memory, so I might limit it to 500 or less. At any rate, the thought is on a set of grab and go bags that are ready for two shooters. I've been thinking something like the Eberlestock bags found here...

I'm still not sure I'm making myself clear, but I hope this helps.

JC Refuge
04-15-2010, 06:36
Sorry for the delay in responding--my email has been playing tricks on me.

I'm going to open this up and ask for any Special Forces vets with some advice here to chime in please. (There will be a time-delay between the point you submit a post and when I can approve it. I will approve only the best responses to this, as what this particular forum is supposed to be is "expert" advice.)

JC Refuge
04-22-2010, 12:48
GT member David Armstrong offered this:

I'm not ex-SF, but I did have the opportunity in my younger days to spend a lot of time hiking in potentially hostile territory with nothing but what we were carrying. We found that for extended periods of movement, between 70 and 90 pounds was the maximum a person could carry with them.

Carrying 1000 rounds of 5.56 and 500 rounds of .45 ACP is completely impractical and contraindicated. First, the weight is such that it means you have to give up a lot of stuff that is more useful, stuff like food, clothing, shelter, etc. 1000 rounds of 5.56 is going to weigh in around 35 pounds, so you are already at about 1/2 of your extended load weight.

Second, expecting to be able to use that ammo to the point that you have used it all and have not had the opportunity to resupply is almost unimaginable. Consider that the typical battle loadout for a soldier going into combat is around 200-300 rounds today, with the expectation that it will be used in 3-round or full auto mode and for a lot of suppressive fire. Firing semi-auto and actually engaging targets, 200 rounds of fighting ammo should last a survivalist several years. And why would need 500 rounds of fighting ammo for a handgun is simply beyond my capacity to rationalize.
Hope that helps.