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04-08-2010, 02:58
i have a glock 20 10mm. when my magazine is loaded and inserted in the gun, the ammo rattles inside. i've tried to tap the magazine from every angle and re-insert. but i still have that rattle. i've even downloaded one, two rounds and still the rattle. i know its probably no big deal, but drives me nuts. makes the gun sound cheap. any idea's/suggestions, or is that the way it is..????

04-08-2010, 20:47
That's not uncommon with double-column magazines. Because of the way the rounds stack against each other in the mag, sometimes you'll get a round that's loose in there and has enough space to rattle.

Glock 17L
04-08-2010, 21:04
Try downloading it by one round & see if the rattle goes away..
Bet it does..
I've seen this on other double stacks before..
There's nothing wrong..

04-08-2010, 21:08
Its normal don't worry about it.

04-08-2010, 21:09
Its normal don't worry about it.

Absolutely, completely normal with full cap mags and glocks.