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04-08-2010, 08:45
The 2 5/8" PC 627, termed the 'Ultimate Defense Revolver' in S&W ads when initially released in limited numbers in 1999 as SKU 170133, got a cult following after the '02 Eastwood film 'Blood Work' featured it as Clint's character's carry gun in the film. Over the years, the low production revolver's stock has increased, recent prices in the $2k-3.5k even being seen. In January, S&W announced another batch would be made this year by the PC Shop - I ordered one from my local pusher.

I got a call Friday evening - it was in - and I bought it the first thing the next AM. I shot it by lunch time - cleaned it and swapped grips - shot it again Monday - super buy. Why is it a super buy? It's the same gun as the original - except for the IL - which is a non-issue to me. That original was MSRP $1,199... the current version is MSRP $1,185! Cheaper? Yep! It even has the same SKU - 170133! It comes in a grey plastic PC Shop case now in place of the older metal PC case. Same grips. Decent trigger job - and a Wolff hammer spring. 8X .357M in a SS snubby - that weighs 37.6 oz - I am elated!

I had some Ahrends rounded non-fg cocobolo grips to try - they fit perfectly. I have wanted this thing since I first saw that early SW&W ad - and it's finally mine... yippee!! Check your dealer for availability.


04-08-2010, 08:49
Sweet. A very handsome revolver.

04-09-2010, 09:24

04-21-2010, 23:54
I've always wished they would make this one in .45ACP. It is one of the nicest looking revolvers ever made.

04-21-2010, 23:56
Good choice on the Ahrends grips. They are some of my favorites.