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View Full Version : just ordered a crimson trace lg-105....

04-08-2010, 13:46
should arrive in about one week.

its the PINK hard polymer style, was less expensive than the 305 and 405 and similar in size to the black rubber "boot grip" my wife has on her model 60 NY-1.

i know plenty of folks have the larger 305 and 405 grips but does anyone have the 105?

if so how do you like it as far as feel and compare gripping the gun to the standard boot grip that uncle mikes use to make.

pix are always welcome.

LSU Snapperhead
04-16-2010, 19:38
I have some on a S&W 640. They work fine. I am happy with them.

1 old 0311
04-16-2010, 20:05
105's are fine. Work well for my big hands, and my girlfriends small hands.

04-16-2010, 23:39
i dont have much of a problem because my fingers are bigger so the skin get scrunched up against the grips that it always makes contact with the lazer button. my wife's hands arent the same (thank goodness). seems that they went back to the problem that created the after market grip boom 25 or so years ago and that was the ever present and sorely unwanted "gap" behind the trigger guard....