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OK Bowhunter
04-08-2010, 17:37
Newbee reloader and I need a tumbler. Big gun shown this week end and wanted to know what to look for and price range. I will be reloading 9mm, 556, 38 special, and 30-06. Not large quanities, but want something that will last.

I am also looking for a trimmer for the rifle brass (223/5.56).

Sorry if this has been asked before.

I bought a RCBS Rocl Chucker and reloaded my first 20 30-06 and all I can say is wow. Took over an hour, but I was taking my time going over everything many times for each step did not even know how much time had gone by.

04-08-2010, 17:46
If you do a search on this you will find all kinds of information as to what brand lasts and which ones dont.

04-08-2010, 17:55
spend the $$ and buy the biggest tumbler dillon makes. i had one that i ABUSED for years - overloaded, ran all the time, etc. when it finally died, i called dillon and they replaced it with a new, updated model for $75!
i am also fond of the dillon case trimmer that mounts on a progressive press. basically, you set it up, then run the cases on your progressive press. i can trim about 1,000 cases per hour, easily.
if you are doing lower volumes, i like the rcbs trimmer. you can electrically trim and debur inside and outside case mouth at the same time.
good luck.

04-08-2010, 21:02
I've got two Lyman Turbo Tumblers (1200 model).
One was bought in 1983. I've run the dog crap out of this one and it just keeps going.
A friend started reloading and decided that his time was worth more than the ammo, so, he gave me the second one.

Trimming brass. . . . . Lyman Drillpress adapter and a dedicated benchtop drillpress. Currently set up for 5.56x45mm NATO/.223.
Fast. Accurate, especially since the depth stop is now machined from forged aluminum instead of plastic!

04-08-2010, 22:53
Self emptying and vibrates the cases empty. No need for additional media separator.


04-09-2010, 07:29
If you want a tumbler that well last get one of these. They are not cheap. I have had mine for over 30 years Jack has two that has lasted just as long.
If you do not shoot a lot then my next choice would be the Dillon CV750.

04-10-2010, 20:12
The Wilson trimmer works great for me. The Sinclair mount makes it even easier to use. Power adapter available. A bargain to boot.

As for tumblers, I got a Midway tumbler (looks like a Lyman) when I first started in this game 20+ years ago. It was a good deal; but I figured if it failed, I would have learned more about what I needed and steped up to a "real" one. This Midway tumbler has lasted and lasted and lasted. It's the Energizer bunny of tumblers. Nothing fancy, but it does a very good job. I separate the brass from the media with Dillon separator. That's a bit clunky (I have one of the original huge tub ones); but it still does the job and holds lots of brass and media.

04-11-2010, 17:31
most years i have an opportunity to pick and process thousands of rounds of assorted brass. I cleaned many thousands in my old lyman 1200.

I upgraded to the largest dillon model. Takes up a little room, but i can do several hundred rounds to a whack depending on caliber. the seperator is handy for getting dirt and crud off freshly picked cases so it saves your media a little.

OK Bowhunter
04-11-2010, 20:23
Thanks guys I found a Lyman 1200 at the big Tulsa gun show along with a hand priming tool, media, and a Lyman case trimmer. Now the fun starts on to reloading.

Again thanks!