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04-09-2010, 20:41
im building an 18" rifle. looking at different scope options. seems all the higher end stuff is about the same price. looking for opinions, likes, dislikes, about scopes. id like to be able to reach 600yds. probably shoot more around 400. just testing capabilites of myself and different setups.

any input is appreciated, tia.

btw im looking at nightforce, leupold, trijicon.

04-09-2010, 22:08
I have a Nightforce but I like the Mark 4 8.5-25 with the TMR reticle better for what I use them for. I shoot the TMR reticle better possibly because of the broken crosshairs, it lets me see the target instead of covering it up and it's lighter which helps when trying to get to timberline. Just personal preference.