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04-10-2010, 21:19
I have a IAC 12ga. Coach Gun ( the way in ...20in. barrel 3in chamber
I purchaseing a as a backpack / truck/ home protection gun....

( ) which is also a IAC..its as tuff as nails and is a proven performer...I'm hopeing the IAC coach gun is made as tuff....

Any of you guys have a IAC Coach Gun ???

04-10-2010, 21:47
A shotgun with a 20" bbl is not what comes to mind when I think of a 'backpack gun'...

I don't own a coach gun yet, but I will eventually...

04-11-2010, 06:34
My backpack has a metal frame (old school),a carbine or a SXS coach gun which has a short OAL straps nicely on the top of my pak...bed roll on bottom .I useally have a Puma carbine ethier in 44mag or 357 or a Marlin Camp Carbine in 45acp..straped on ...

I always feel a bit more comfortable with a carbine or a shotgun.. while romping in the middle of nowhere..or while at camp...
My sidearm varies from a 1911 in 45acp or a revolver in 45acp. or 357 mag
Who ever knows when predators ethier two legged or four legged are lurking.
I'm very comfortable with my sidearms ...but a shooting stick is superior.

04-19-2010, 21:34
I am with you on the coach gun for backpacking. I really want to get me a Stoeger coach gun for backpacking.

04-19-2010, 22:04
I've always wanted to try and get a major mfg to send a coach gun white receiver to a local mfg/smith and have them make me a short barreled AOW coach gun. One can dream right?

04-20-2010, 08:40
I have a Stoeger coach gun, like it alot.

04-20-2010, 11:09
I want an 18" coach gun too.

04-20-2010, 13:48
I'm looking for an older O/U I can cut down. I'd take an SXS too.


04-20-2010, 17:32
I'd love to have a Stoeger over/under Defense model, I have a Russian made Bounty Hunter 2 that does OK as a house gun but it has no choke so its good for close range only. My "knockaround" gun at present is a 24" New England Turkey model screw choke 12 ga. Its ok but an extra barrel sure would be nice.

Lt Scott 14
04-21-2010, 18:14
Years ago I bought an Interarms SxS in 20 ga so my nephew could join the rest of the hunting family crowd for quail, rabbit, and squirrel. It was on loan to him till he got married and his new wife did not like guns in the house. He had used it for 12-14 yrs and cleaned, and maintained it. He returned the shotgun, a cleaning kit, and 2 boxes of steel shot, 2 boxes of slugs(for deer), hard case for storage. I missed it, so took it to the gunsmith, bobbed the barrels to 18in , installed a nite front site,and now have an ideal house gun. When the smith was done, he tried to buy it from me, he thought the hammers/dual triggers were cool and he had just sold a 12 ga coach gun to his brother in law. Did not sell it.

04-21-2010, 19:47
I want an 18" coach gun too.

Yet again another example.

it's not something on my must have/to do/etc. list but if the opportunity ever presents itself it's definitely something I'll scoop and rock.

Part nostalgia, part old-school, part Omar Little son!!!! OH SNAP OMARS COMMIN YO!!!

04-25-2010, 17:33
I had a rail put on my coach gun for a light it works well for my house gun and I really like the out side hammers at night.

04-25-2010, 17:38
My family has used a Rossi Coach Gun for HD for over 30 years. 12ga, 18" BBL. I love it.

04-25-2010, 17:39
I've been looking at that Stoeger. Maybe soon.