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04-11-2010, 20:38
I purchased a LaserMax LMS-1181 for my Glock 36 and am wondering if anyone else has a similar piece?
I'm having problems with mine. First off, the on and off switch is VERY hard to activate. Second, the laser dot, is not even close to the sights. The laser dot also seems to move around (in relation to the point of aim) with every shot.
The LaserMax provided piece is about 1/16 inch shorter than the stock Glock rod, and it fit's very loosely, to the point of falling out, when the gun is disassemmbled.
LaserMax has offered to replace the slidestop spring, which they believe will fix the on/off switch problem, but I haven't yet called them about the other problem. (tomorrow morning).
I also noted that when the gun is first assembled, the laser dot is pretty close to the sights, but after racking the slide a couple of times, it moves way off the line of sight.

04-12-2010, 08:38
call Bob or James at 1800 laser 03 ext 311 or ext 370 and let them know all the problems your having. Tell them you listed the problem on Glock talk and i sent you to them.