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04-12-2010, 16:38
What's your favorite load for this one?

04-12-2010, 19:42
I like 8.0gr longshot, fed 150 primer, with oal of 1.260 out of a g20 factory barrel. 8.2 is the max load listed at 1170fps.(no used brass for these bullets):cool:But I see no reason to push a bullet with this kind of momentum any harder.

04-12-2010, 23:11
I load the 200gr XTP's with Blue Dot 10.5 grs, CCI 300 primer, COAL of 1.260", all rounds are hand weighed verified on two different scales for accuracy verification.

I use these in the S&W 1006 w/22lbs recoil spring, 5" barrel, velocity of 1180-1200 fps, from the G-29 w/21lbs recoil sprng on non capture Wolff rod, 3.78" barrel velocity of 1140-1160 fps.

I have had some good results with Power Pistol also which almost duplicates the velocity of these...still testing though!

Much care is taken as I work with these max loads, attention to every detail is crucial for safe performance...your results may vary and you should work up slowly to view results from your pistols.

04-13-2010, 06:01
Has anyone gotten these to fly an honest 1250 fps or faster out of a semi-auto pistol - with decent precision?

04-13-2010, 15:13
If the barrel length is 6" or more you might see 1200+ fps, but be warned trying to achieve this in shorter barrels will be a far strech over the original 1200 fps from 5" pistols.

Remember a semi auto barrel is measure to include he entire chamber as part of it's length...therefore a 5" barrels pistol has only about 4" of actual bore to bring the bullet up to speed.

The Blue Dot load I refer to above was actual Speer Data for the Speer 200grain FMJ as tested in the Colt Delta Elite 5" @ 1175 fps COAL og 1.250"...my handloads duplicate this from my S&W1006 with the Hornady 200 gr XTP with a COAL of 1.260" and these have been very accurate to 130 yards from my S&W 1006 and very supprisingly accurate from my G-29 with the Stock barrel and the Storm Lake aswell.

I don't see the need to exceed the 1200 fps mark with my S&W 1006, however these rounds fired from a 6" barrel semi auto would probably hit the mark of 1250 fps in my opinion(I don't have a 6" to test with)

04-13-2010, 15:24
I'd love to be able to get some of the newer commercially avalible only powders to test with, to see if there is room for improvement and maintain stable safe pressures @ the 1200 fps mark with the 200 grainers. I don't know what commercial powders Mike McNett at Double Tap is using but it could prove to be very useful to handloaders.

The stuff I looked at from his loadings was almost chrome looking flattened ball or flake which he used in the 9X25 Dillon cartridges and produced some good velocity for the amount of powder used with those. I have yet to duplicate the velocity of those with any powders available to handloaders while holding the pressure suitable to my likings.

05-01-2010, 17:43
Has anyone gotten these to fly an honest 1250 fps or faster out of a semi-auto pistol - with decent precision?

With a six inch barrel. I never got 1250 with standard barrel but close.

The six inch barrel will give an extra 100 to 150 fps depending on powder.

Long Slide on the wish list.

05-02-2010, 15:51
What's your favorite load for this one?

12.5 grains of AA#9 COL 1.26 Magnum Primer

Accurate says to use to standard primers so I may experiement with 13.0 grains AA #9 next week.

According to various reloading manuals this is at or close to max, but gives good consistent accuracy.

05-02-2010, 20:42
My load is very close to Gator's. I use Winchester primers, which are kind-of half-way between a magnum and standard primer. For the 10mm with slow/bulky powders, I find it the tops. No need for the Magnum primer's intense and large flame profile, as the 10mm case isn't anywhere near a 44 magnum or 454 Casull, so the way I look at it, the Winchester LP is the ideal "magnum" primer for the small-ish (compared to large-bore revolver ctrdgs.) 10mm case.

Depending on the relative humidity of the powder/my reloading room, my scale setting will vary about .2 grs, but the volumetric loading is always the same, and velocities are always within a pretty small SD. And, no, I don't get 1250 or even 1200 out of my stock G-20 (4.6" bbl), but, on average, it's about 20-30fps below that (~1170-1180fps), which I find quite authoritative for anything I'd use an expanding bullet on in the 10mm.

05-02-2010, 22:42
I loaded some 200 grain XTPs with 13 grains of AA#9 (all hand weighed) last night and I must say they are compressed at 1.260" these are primed with CCI350, but I find them tight fitting in some cases especially Winchester, they show some flattening at their installation.

I wish that they made some 10mm cases which used small pistol primer pockets, that would be of interest for me to do some testing with.

I also put together some more 9x25Dillon rounds to test with various powders using Zero 121 gr JHP, these are 0.356". So now to get out and run some over the chrony.

05-02-2010, 22:52
My load is very close to Gator's. I use Winchester primers, which are kind-of half-way between a magnum and standard primer. For the 10mm with slow/bulky powders, I find it the tops.

Thanks for your thoughts on the WLP.

I'm curious to know if you've run much A9 with standard LP primers (like CCI 300). If so, have you noticed any ignition issues or wide open velocity spreads? I reviewed my handload logs and was surprised to see that I've only ever used CCI 350s (LPM) with A9. I've had great results, but have been considering re-working a few loads with a lighter sparking primer.

Accurate does not indicate that mag primers, but some load data does call for them. WLP may be the ticket.

05-03-2010, 23:11
Hey Tater,

I think I've run some 10mm loads with some Federal LP (non-mag) primers in the far distant past (early-mid 90s), but I don't recall if those were with AA#9 or not.

I've run pretty much all of my 10mm ammo with WLPs, because of a combination of the point I made above plus the fact that I live only 90 miles from the Winchester ammo plant in East Alton, IL, and subsequently, WW primers are in generous supply around here... :supergrin:

Federal is based in Anoka, MN, and they are the second most common primers in my area. Rem-Peters makes their primers in Arkansas, which isn't far, especially when considering the comparison to Federal in MN, yet, I've rarely seen R-P primers in my area. CCIs have started showing up, all the way from Idaho, on dealer's shelves, but the supply is spotty. I think the great primer shortage of 2008-2010 caused some bigger mixing of brand availability in my area, since dealers were willing to take anything they could get their hands on to sell... Still, I prefer the WLP for 10mm, and I run my standard LP primers in 45ACP almost exclusively. (Use the WLPs in 44 Mag and Spl. too.)

05-04-2010, 07:57

05-04-2010, 22:56
Te he he. I hadn't thought of it in terms of "buying locally." Quite an "organic" concept if you ask me. Kind of like a farmers' market for primers. I've never thought of it in these terms but, that may be why we see more CCI primers here in Idaho than any others. Winchester would be a distant second. I've used both with good results.