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04-12-2010, 17:27
I just picked up an original Smith & Wesson Model 40 Centennial .38 Spl...which some refer to as a 'Lemon Squeezer' (although that terminology can be applied to some of their earlier revolvers.

At any rate, this one is blued, has a flat latch, it's pinned, and has the original (smooth!) grips....very nice indeed. The s.n. is 212XX

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.


Glock 17L
04-12-2010, 22:26
I had a Pre-40 serial # 248 & it was made in 1953..
This gun had four sideplate screws & still had the pin in the grip in the stash spot to deactivate the grip safety..
S&Ws "Centennial" year was 1952 & that pistols frame shape was named after that..
The M42 was the same except it was an Airweight..

You'll have to contact S&W to be sure but would guess 1953-1954

Here's a pic of the one I had, on the right on the red gunrug..
The rest are S&Ws & Ruger SP101s

LSU Snapperhead
04-15-2010, 20:09
I am no expert, but, is the model number 40 stamped on frame behind the yoke? This started in 1957. If not then your revolver is an original centennial made between 1952-1957. If the model number is stamped, then it dates between 1957 and 1966 when the flat latch was changed. Post a pic, we love pics..

04-16-2010, 11:01
Thanks for the info....I will post some pics next week...:)