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04-13-2010, 21:36
jsut played around a bit with photo shop and modded a long slide
(the added grip was jsut to see )

i am looking at making a long slide jsut cause (have mill and lathe in house )
but will need a barrel and really i think i want 2 one in 45 and one in 9x23

04-14-2010, 08:31
Hey...whatever floats your boat! :supergrin:


04-15-2010, 19:07
Bar-Sto offers extended-length barrels for the G36.
Someone told me that these are made to order so they'll probably make them to any length you want.


04-15-2010, 20:28
nice link thanks least that gets me part the way
i jsut thought something about the stock 21 length would be fun (sure dont think i want a 6 inch )

not sure that i can get away with building a 9x23 on the same slide cause of the breech face of the 45 being as wide as it is