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04-14-2010, 16:37 old desktop, booted up on Ubuntu 9.10 disk.

Ethernet/Internet works, graphics card works, yippie!

This box is a P-IV 2.66 ghrz 2 GB RAM 125 GB main drive 250 GB second drive.

It has Windows XP on it, pretty degraded (slow as crap, the reason I got a new box a year ago).

Runs quite well on this linux disc so I think I'll wait for the next release of Ubuntu (soon) and turn this into a linux desktop for Internet surfing/kids/guests. I'll leave my main box for serious photo/video and gaming.

04-14-2010, 16:51
Yep, You have more then enough resources on that box to run linux...time to move away from Windows where possible. :supergrin: