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04-14-2010, 21:44
My wife is getting her carry permit.:rollsmiley:
We are aware of the disadvantages of off-body carry, but we are still looking for a good purse she can carry in pretty much everyday... meaning it needs to completely replace her current "non-lethal" handbag.

She complains that most of the purses she finds are either "old lady" handbags, or they have very little utility other than hiding a gun. She needs a useful purse with at least three or four inside & outside pockets (for her cellphone, wallet, receipts, etc.) plus the hidden holster. We would prefer something with a long strap, so she can carry on her strong-side shoulder with her hand on the gun when she's walking to her car in the dark.

She has browsed the Galco site, Shado, Coronado Leather, and Magills; she has seen a few bags that look OK, but the sites offer little detail on anything but the gun compartment.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated...

04-15-2010, 05:03
My wife settled on one that had 3 seperated interior compartments. Two by magnet and one with a zipper. One of the three is her gun compartment with a pocket holster. It's not bad looking either. We found it at Macy's. She just complains that it is to heavy with the loaded G19 in it.

04-15-2010, 09:26
you didn't mention -- so I'll add that to your list...

but consider an alternative. Custom leather work.

We have a luggage and leather shop here in town who have a competent craftsman who can open an edge-seam in any purse and insert a leather compartment with a zipper or velcro closure.

This allows your wife to carry whatever purse she likes, and have a holster INSERTED into the purse. No, it's not horribly cheap, but then, dedicated gun purses seem to run about the price of a high end purse PLUS the cost of a holster... this isn't actually more.

My darling dearest adores "cute print" quilted backpacks. (see for example )

There's no way she's getting something like that with a dedicated holster compartment without custom work. And oddly, if you approach the purse people it seldom works out well.

Find a luggage specialist in your home, or a nearby city, have your wife go and take her favorite purses and chat with them.

(( If they have a no-guns sign on the door, try someone else. :) ))

04-15-2010, 15:41
Two great ideas so far... thanks!

04-15-2010, 16:01
I have pricey handbags (I change bags every day) and I don't want to compromise fashion for a hidden holster-thingy. I place my piece in what would be considered a "modified" make-up pouch...and that goes inside my handbag. Different shapes/sizes/configs for different purses and guns.

04-16-2010, 07:20
I have a Coronado Leather Hobo. It has two HUGE interior pockets (one to each side of the holster compartment), each with a separate zipper at the top. There is one smaller zippered compartment inside one of those larger compartments, and one smaller (slightly larger than iPod size) buckled pocket on the outside front of the bag, and one open ended phone pocket on the end opposite the lockable zipper access to the gun. It holds so much crap I threw out my back carrying it. I took all the books and junk out, and now it's fine. The strap is wide and adjustable. I am going to get the same purse in another color as soon as I save up the $.

I also have a Maxpedition FatBoy. Ugly as sin, but more comfortable. A bazillion pockets (actually too many - I end up searching all of them for stuff when I can't remember which pocket I tucked it in).

Someday, (when I have time - ha), I am going to make myself the perfect carry purse.


04-18-2010, 20:03
More useful stuff... thanks!

I also stumbled across Gun Tote'n Mamas ( today.

04-18-2010, 20:50
My wife has about three CCW purses. Great quality, wire rope in the strap so it can't be cut, Velcro closure for gun. Start at $100 and up. Do a LOT of shopping/comparing.

04-18-2010, 21:07
I have a *very* obviously non-male purse, extremely bright colors, that's guaranteed to defray attention, I use to transport guns to gunsmiths. It has a shoulder strap, a D ring I can snap onto with a belt swivel snap for retention, and two braided stainless shark leaders sewn into the shoulder strap to make it 'knife resistant'.

It also makes me blush like heck to carry it in public, and raises my situational awareness a LOT.

I strongly doubt anybody within 50 yards fails to notice it, and I'm confident I've never been 'made', as carrying firearms in it. Assumed to be henpecked and totin' the wifes purse for her, yes.

RETENTION. Whatever you wind up with, TRY to take it away, a dozen ways, and figure out how not to accomplish it.

04-20-2010, 19:12
you wife want a bag for carrying cellphone, wallet, receipts and lots of other items, the bag must be big and durable enough, but it can't be to heavy to carry.

04-20-2010, 20:51
I just have to say, I LOVE my Coronado leather purse. I am on my second one and the only reason I bought two was because I just wanted a new one! The first one is now five years old and in perfect condition. All of their purses are very high quality and guaranteed for life....their leather is of exceptional quality. Worth every $$ in my opinion. Hope this helps...:wavey: