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04-16-2010, 13:15
I'm planning on picking up a glock 21, and have a couple of question. This is my first post, new to the forum, but have spent some time reading posts. Anyway here's the questions

1. I have heard different ideas about cleaning a new glock, some say clean it right out of the box other say not needed, your thoughts.

2. What ammo should I use, I would like to use the same practice ammo as what I'm going to carry.

3. I have heard about polishing, what are you suppose to polish, and with what.

Thanks for helping a new guy to the forum, and a new glock owner

04-16-2010, 21:31
Look up this post
Practice with anything you can get... When you can hit what you aim at start practicing with the ammo you intend to carry
Look up the .25 cent trigger job. If that don't suit you look at these parts