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04-17-2010, 16:18
I" set to purchase a g21 this week, but I have beed reading a lot of the post and wondering if I"m making the right choice. My thoughts were to go with the g21sf, for carry and general shooting. I like the longer barrel even though it's not that much longer than the 30. I thought the recoil would be less, but perhap the 30 would carry better. I" not that concerned with size or weight, I carry a 1911 now. Any thought would be great, thanks for you help and input.

04-17-2010, 21:24
If size & weight is not an issue go for the bigger gun. You get a higher round count and longer sight radius

04-22-2010, 16:14
I'm now a owner of g21 sf with meprolight night sight, thanks for all help.