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04-17-2010, 19:10
No Chrono - but I did get some video -and took notes- so expect some pics of smilies and video of fireball and milk jug explosion later. :supergrin:

Out of a G29SF w/factory barrel:

Case: New top brass (Scharch MFG.)
Primer: CCI350
Powder: Blue Dot.
Bullet: Hornady XTP 155gr.
Conditions: 38F, 1240' elevation.

5 shots each at:

11.5gr powder
12.7 (Current SAAMI MAX)

Got 3 minor smilies (case separation fractures for those who don't know) - one at 12.5, one at 12.6 and one at 12.7. I wouldn't personally load up too many more at this level.

The primers do not look flattened at all - but those CCI350s are a tight fit in that brass and my RCBS hand priming tool leaves some marks seating them. I did not have that problem with Remington L.P. primers before.

My notes are that 11.7 and 12.3 showed some good potential as precision loads. 12.0 seems ok, but the rest just average - This is a small sample, so give it a grain of salt.

I am saving $200 from my next work project for a Chronometer. Anyone have any suggestions for a decent chronometer?