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04-18-2010, 17:59
have sprint cell ph. .... went to sprint site to download ringers but couldnt find the one i wanted :crying:
tried myxers and found it for $2.50 but learned thru sprint i didnt have a "data" plan , which is about $15.00 a mo. so i couldnt get the tone by sending it to my phone thru the myxers web -site !

didnt see on the the myxers site the way to send it to my pc so i could get it by that means to avoid the other way

there must be way to do this but i am not versed enough to accomplish it on my own.
suggestion and help needed .... dont be afraid to give me EACH step so i can make this work. OR suggestions on other sites to get ringers the simplest way.

thanks wally

04-18-2010, 18:21
It would help to know what phone you have (so others could download and look at the instruction manual).

If your phone can play MP3 ringtones and you can upload from your computer, no need to buy from Sprint's store.

If not, you may be stuck with what you have unless you kick for the data plan.

04-19-2010, 03:57
i have a samsung m320 phone.

mp3 ringtones ? tell me what this is

04-19-2010, 05:03
found thee ring tone of choice at the sprint store online was having trouble so i gave hem a call.
rep said i couuld buy the tone for $2.50 but had to pay 3 cents per killibite
( maybe this is wrong term but you can get the point ) :dunno:

also something about the content " may very " form the original product purchased if done this way. i am not sure what this means but would want something i paid for to be pretty darn closee to be what i am suppose to be getting !

so is the only and most cost effective way to get this tone is to get it from sprint and pay the $2.50 and the extra other charge per bite , so i dont have to buy a monthly " data plan " that i will probably never use ? !