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04-19-2010, 13:25 did this cool lil thing go?
Wheres there a recall because of malfunction/reliablity issues?
Was it just discontinued?
Anybody have one?

any light shed on this would be appreciated.

Richard Simmons
04-19-2010, 14:27
From what I've read on Bladeforums it was deemed a POS before anyone even held one in their hand. AFAIk that opinion was never challenged.

AJ Dual
04-19-2010, 14:30
I suspect that the Kick Axe was a personal injury/liability attorney's wet dream come true, and that's why it was canceled.

I probably shouldn't buy an axe or hatchet on looks alone, but I'd be tempted... :supergrin:

04-22-2010, 15:10
Yeah, I would bet it was a liability. If your going to be swingin an axe it might as well be a fixed handle. Although I think the concept is nice and handy I'd rather have a fixed handle. With that said I really like the quality of Gerber Knives ( made in the United States. Of there was a problem with this product then it could have damaged the reputation. Safety always comes first.

04-22-2010, 15:11
It would have to be really sturdy in order for it to be more convenient than a fixed handle axe.